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Starting Point

Starting Point is your first step to becoming a member at His Church!  We are committed to helping you become all God wants you to be. It is God's desire that you connect with a local church and fellowship with other believers. We understand that distance, health, and other circumstances may impact your ability to physically attend church at times. Keeping this in mind, we still encourage you to become a member and attend our in-person  or our virtual services. Starting Point is comprised of four steps to help you connect to the church, discover your strengths, develop your God-given gifts, and use your time, talents, and resources to make a difference at His Church and in the lives of others.

Benefits of Membership

  • Regular updates on what is happening here at His Church.

  • Connect with other church members.

  • Biblical instruction and inspiration through our weekly worship services and bible study.

  • Spiritual covering under Pastor King Rhodes.
    and much more....

Discover how you can
get connected.
Step 1

Must be Born Again: That you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Step 2

Become a Member: Fill out the Members Form and request setup to His Church Connect App.

Step 3

His-First-Life: Complete the His-First-Life New Members Workshop designed to give you general information about His Church, highlight our resources, help you get connected, learn how you can strengthen your character and gifting to fulfill your serving potential.

Step 4

Join the Team: Connect to the opportunities available at His Church. See how you can use your time, talents, and resources to live out your godly-purpose in the church and in serving others.

Ways to Participate

Online:  Sign up in Realm Connect when available

Virtually:  via Zoom (Sign up in Realm Connect when available)

Zoom is a video communication platform designed to connect people virtually.​

For questions or to register contact us at 703-440-8373

His Church has several ministries available to serve you and your family at every stage of life. There is something for everyone; we invite you to explore all we are and get connected.

Ages 0  to 2 years 

Through prayer, song, and play in a safe and nurturing environment, we are caring for your infants and toddlers. Little Church is available on Sunday and Wednesday services. Space is limited, on a first-come-first-served basis

Ages 2-Potty trained  to 11 years 

Every Sunday after praise and worship the Kids have their very own simultaneous service. Here they learn about God, how to live for God, how His Word relate to their life NOW, all in a fun and supportive environment. 

Grades 6th-12th grade 

Every other Sunday we strive to ignite the hearts of young people to have pure passion and love for God and His Word. Strategically teaching them through worship, preaching, teaching, and faith-life-application to be doers of the Word of God and not just hearers only.


Men's Community

GQ Men stands for "God Quality Men", and as the Men's Ministry of His Church we focus on fellowship and discipleship for men, building God qualities on the inside-out. 

Women's Community

Radiant is another way of describing a virtuous woman. When a woman is truly virtuous she is like a radiant light in the earth. Radiant is the ladies ministry of His Church which focuses on fellowship and discipleship for women. We desire to help ladies of all ages grow in their Christian walk, displaying the radiant glory of God in how they live.

Life-Acts Sundays

Life-Acts Sunday is a day dedicated to evangelism and fellowship. On the last Sunday of every month after the service, the entire church goes out to serve and evangelize our community. 


Marriage Community

This is the marriage ministry of His Church which focuses on fellowship and discipleship for married couples.

Singles Community

This is the singles ministry of His Church which focuses on fellowship and discipleship for singles.

Corporate Prayer

The third Saturday of every month we come  together via conference line to touch heaven and to change the earth through prayer and supplication unto the Lord.


Comnunion Sunday

The first Sunday of every month we receive communion together during the service.

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